Dust Free Refinishing:

We provide professional and affordable floor refinishing for your home, office, or commercial build.

In addition, we can use our state of the art dust collection system to keep air contamination to a minimum. The refinishing process typically takes 3 days to complete. The first day, your floors are carefully sanded and a new coat of finish is applied. Day 2 a second coat is applied and day 3, the final coat. We realize having your floors refinished while living in your home can be tricky so we try to apply the coats in the morning to give your floors enough time to dry before the kids get off the bus or you get home from work. When your job is complete, we will be happy to provide you with all the information to keep your floors looking like new.


If you opt for a stain, this will be applied after the floor is sanded. A stain can dramatically change the look of a room or just add a little something extra. Whatever your needs, we have numerous colors to choose from. If you need to match stains, we can do that, too.